Conservation made clear - april 2012
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Equality and conservation

Nature concerns all of us. It’s the common denominator between us. We all depend on nature and benefit from it in so many ways. The problem is, these benefits are not shared equally because of various political, geographic, social and economic reasons. This month, we look at the connection between equitability and conservation. This is one of the main themes of the IUCN World Conservation Congress that takes place 6-15 September in Jeju, South Korea.

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Conservation made clear - april 2012

Time to re-boot: Towards a new environmentalism

Dr Joe Zammit-Lucia

In the build-up to the IUCN Congress, a landmark event for conservation, Dr Joe Zammit-Lucia argues that the environmental community needs to re-think its approach.

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From our blog: Mermaids face extinction

April Focus 2012

People recognize them by the long whistling sound they make when they surface from the sea to breathe. They are exclusively female. On firm ground, they become like the rest of us, blending in while they work the land. But every 15 days the sea calls them back.

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IUCN’s impact on global conservation

IUCN’s impact on global conservation

As preparations gear up for the 2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress, we take a look at what impact these events have on international nature conservation.

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Don't cut trees, keep bees!

Nodar Kapanadze from Sakire village with his new bee hive

In Georgia, where IUCN is helping rural people find alternative livelihoods to illegal logging, it’s finding that there is great enthusiasm for bee keeping and honey production as a new business venture.

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Ecotourism secures Russia's forests

Visitors in the Polistovsky reserve, Russia

Bezhanitsky district in North-Western Russia is just a three-hour drive from the EU border. It hosts the largest peat bog in Europe and many unique forest and wetland landscapes.

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Pillar coral in Marine Protected Area, Bahamas How much do you know about the many benefits that nature provides?
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Facts and figures

Removing crown of thorns sea anenomes in a marine protected area, Vietnam Oceans absorb 93.4% of the heat produced by climate change.
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