Conservation made clear august 2012
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Natural solutions to global challenges

With just over a month to go, the final touches are being put to the IUCN Congress – the event that will show the world how to achieve sustainable development with nature at its core.

In our previous Congress previews, we’ve looked at how biodiversity is critical to all aspects of our life and how to make sure the benefits of nature are shared fairly and equally. This month we examine the third of the Congress themes: natural solutions to global challenges.

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Videos : Congress themes in a nutshell

Nature+ life video

The Congress slogan Nature+ is about boosting the resilience of nature – improving how quickly nature and people adapt to change.

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Nature’s Olympics

Jeju, Republic of Korea

A number of concerned groups have recently called on IUCN to postpone or cancel its Congress and to express disapproval on several environmental issues in Korea, including construction of a naval base on Jeju Island, scientific whaling and the Four Rivers restoration project.

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Offsetting the Congress footprint

Bornean Orang-utan

To help compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the Congress, IUCN has selected a credible, sustainable project for effective offsetting. The project is Infapro, by Face the Future, and is based on improved forest management in Borneo.

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South Korea's drive for 'green growth'

Street in downtown Seoul

South Korea is hosting the World Conservation Congress. We look at how they see 'green growth' -  their approach aims to integrate the green growth idea across all layers of society, from education to national defence.

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Our experts in action: Maria Ana Borges on ecotourism

Maria Ana Borges

Ecotourism is one of the fastest growing segments of tourism and if carried out well, can be a great tool for conservation. But conservation organisations and managers of tourist destinations such as national parks need to become more business savvy.

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The nature equation

Fishing on Ang Soui Lake, Xe Champhone Wetland

Nature+ is the theme of the 2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress. Enrique Lahmann and Célia Zwahlen explain its significance. Why did we decide to put a ‘plus’ with the word Nature? Is nature in itself not compelling enough?

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Official Congress programme

IUCN World Conservation Congress logo World Leaders Dialogues, conservation workshops, knowledge cafés, pavilions, conservation campus: hundreds of events to discuss, share and learn.
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Join us in Jeju

WLGS Register for the next IUCN World Conservation Congress taking place in Jeju, Korea, in September 2012.
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Join us online!

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Test your knowledge

Jeju Seongsan Illchubong How much do you know about natural solutions?
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Congress themes

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