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Workshop on water awareness in Aleppo, Syria

A step towards water awareness in Aleppo

About 20 participants from the Syrian city Aleppo were trained to design and implement public awareness campaigns in the field of water resources management. The 5-day-workshop, entitled "How to Design and Implement a Public Awareness Campaign" is the third workshop organized in the Arab Region by The World Conservation Union (IUCN) and InWent Capacity Building International. Two other regional courses were held previously in Morocco and Syria (Damascus) in 2006 and early 2007. …  

04 Nov 2007 | News story

Young Leaders in Amman

Young Leaders Empowered to "Be the Change"

Youth leaders from all over the world gathered in Jordan to build their leadership capacities and raise their awareness on their roles and responsibilities towards sustainable development in the world. Tomorrow's leaders were urged to "Be the Change" and start acting to save the world during a global seminar entitled Advancing Youth Leadership on Sustainable Development held at the United Nations University – International Leadership Institute (UNU/ILI) in Amman, Jordan from October 21- 25, 2007. …  

24 Oct 2007 | News story

Oil Spill in Lebanon

Lebanon oil spill documentary wins first prize at international film festival

The film, called The Oil Spill in Lebanon , depicts the environmentally-disastrous oil slick caused by Israel 's bombing of the Jiyyeh power plant in south Lebanon on July 13 and 15, 2006. …  

08 Oct 2007 | News story

CEC presents new social learning and communication technologies to enhance environmental sustainability in the Arab Region

Participants from universities, NGOs, government offices, and global networks from the Arab region joined together at the Alexandria Library to explore new learning to support and promote accelerated learning in the Arab region. …  

23 Sep 2007 | News story

IUCN WAME region

IUCN West Asia/ Middle East (WAME) Regional Office (formerly WESCANA) works within new geographical boundaries

Having the strategic intent for enhancing the organizational capacity for IUCN secretariat worldwide and after the IUCN new regionalization and decentralization process, IUCN West Asia/ Middle East (WAME) Regional Office (formerly WESCANA) was configured. …  

24 Jul 2007 | News story

Iranian Woman

Members, Commissions and Experts of The World Conservation Union gather in Tehran for The 6th Regional Conservation Forum (RCF)

Around 80 IUCN members representing governments and civil societies from the West Asia, Central Asia and North Africa region are gathering in Tehran – Iran during May 22-25, 2007 to develop the regional conservation agenda. …  

20 May 2007 | News story

Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs represented by Dr. Mustafa Fouda signed the Countdown 2010 Declaration with IUCN Director General Ms. Julia Marton-Lefevre.

Egypt, the First Arab Country to sign the Countdown 2010 Declaration

The Egyptian Government has taken a significant step ahead in nature conservation when the Egyptian Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs represented by Dr. Mustafa Fouda signed the Countdown 2010 Declaration with IUCN Director General Ms. Julia Marton-Lefevre on April 30th 2007 to significantly reduce the loss of biodiversity by the year 2010. …  

10 May 2007 | News story

Shooting of the oil spill documentary

The oil Spill – how the Israeli war in Lebanon affected the environment

On 15 August 2006 smoke from the July war bombs had still not settled, the smell of death and artillery was still congesting the air, a ceasefire was declared but remained uncertain, the blockade ongoing, and more than half of the Lebanese shoreline was soaking in black toxic oil. …  

26 Apr 2007 | News story

The forum will held in Tehran, Iran

The 6th Regional Conservation Forum is to take place in Iran in May 2007

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed in November between IUCN WESCANA Regional Office and its state member in Iran, Department of Environment (DOE) to hold The 6th Regional Conservation Forum (RCF) in Tehran during the period of May 22-25, 2007. This forum will provide a platform for all the experts, NGOs and governments in the region to participate and exchange knowledge to provide a secure living for a just and healthy environment in line with IUCN's vision. The forum theme is Community-Centered Conservation: Linking Local and Global Knowledge. …  

27 Dec 2006 | News story

Camel caravan

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to expand collaboration with IUCN

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the World Conservation Union (IUCN) agreed to develop a new series of joint activities in Saudi Arabia. Proposed joint projects are the development of a “Waqf Fund” and the “100 Arabic Books on Conservation”, aiming to strengthen IUCN’s regional support to the environment in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world. …  

18 Nov 2005 | News story

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