Lessons learned from improving forest governance in Acre, Brazil

24 June 2010 | News story

This new publication not only analyses the lessons learned in Acre, Brazil, from IUCN's global forest governance project Strengthening Voices for Better Choices (SVBC), but is itself part of an ongoing local process of social learning about governance and forests.

Strengthening Voices for Better Choices was implemented in six countries in Asia, Africa and South America, including Brazil. It allowed IUCN's partners and members to develop their knowledge and capabilities on the basis of field experience, enabling them to participate more actively in local and national governance processes.

The analysis presented in this publication not only aims to identify, document and socialise the lessons learned by IUCN from its experience in Acre, Brazil, but is itself part of the governance process, fostering reflection and learning by project participants.

Through this publication and its continued work in Acre, IUCN hopes to catalyse the implementation of new actions led by stronger members and partners who come together to meet forest governance challenges faced locally, nationally and globally.

The publication is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish language editions from IUCN's publications catalogue.

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