“Beautiful Nature, Beautiful Reading”: Biodiversity Book Launch and Inauguration of 2010 Biodiversity Week

31 May 2010 | News story

The event was held on May 18, 2010 at the historical Han Fen Lou Bookstore in Beijing. Six excellent books related to biodiversity conservation were launched together at the event: the First Discovery Series for young children, Elephant Rola and Teachers for Tigers for children to read with their parents and teachers. The Whole World in Your Hands for nature and geography fans, as well as In Search of Harmony: ECBP Stories and Conservation for a New Era produced by professionals and specialists at the very front of biodiversity conservation. With simple language and colorful pictures, these books fully demonstrate the miraculous biodiversity in nature and articulate its linkages with our everyday life.

Young actors were invited to act out chapters from the books. For “Conservation for a New Era”, an IUCN publication, the actors played a couple who were not able to leave their home because of the changing weather due to climate change.

Other events taken place in Biodiversity Week include a film screening of The Cove, a performance of the Wildlife Conservation Society Mimi Animal Drama “Rescuing Mama Tiger,” and “Green Cabin”, an exhibition on new knowledge and on biodiversity and environmental protection.