Only 3% of the earth’s water is freshwater; about two-thirds of it is frozen in glaciers and polar ice caps and we have long over-stretched this precious resource.



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    SUSTAIN stories from the field

    SUSTAIN, short for 'Sustainability and Inclusion Strategy for Growth Corridors in Africa', is a multi-partner initiative aiming to facilitate greening of growth that is inclusive and climate-resilient in Tanzania and Mozambique. 

    Check our stories from the team to see what this means in the field...

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    World Water Week 2017: Focus on Wastewater

    Over 80% of global wastewater is released untreated back into nature. This year’s Stockholm World Water Week focuses on the impact of wastewater on human health, the economy, and the environment - and what opportunities and solutions are available. 


    Click the link for a full overview of IUCN events at World Water Week.




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    Water Infrastructure Solutions for the Tana Basin

    WISE-UP to Climate, or 'Water Infrastructure Solutions from Ecosystem Services underpinning Climate Resilient Polies and Programmes', is a 4-year multidisciplinary research project that aims to demonstrate the application of natural infrastructure as a nature-based solution for climate change adaptation and sustainable development in the Volta and Tana River Basins. 

    This Shorthand focuses on the work in the Tana Basin in Kenya.

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    New video: learning and dialogue, key steps to building water cooperation across borders

    A new video, produced by the IUCN BRIDGE team, aims to give an insight into the learning and dialogue that takes place during BRIDGE workshops. Entitled ‘BRIDGE: How to build water cooperation across borders’ is now available on YouTube.

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