Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Contributing to a sustainable future in Eastern Europe, North and Central Asia, IUCN ECARO focuses on good governance, long-term protection of biodiversity and sustainable use of natural resources


Latest news

  • Meeting participants

    IUCN WCC outcomes presented at the regional meeting in Budva


    The outcomes of the recently held IUCN World Conservation Congress are spreading through the region from Budva, where nature conservation officials are meeting. Besides the discussions about the regional cooperation and exchange of ideas on joint nature...

  • Introducing Macedonian Ecological Society, IUCN’s new Member


    Macedonian Ecological Society (MES) is a national conservation organization created in 1972, that promotes good conservation practices in FYR Macedonia in order to assure sustainable use of resources, protection of its environment and the preservation of its...

  • Mr Senatori, Mr Dedej and Mr Koka

    A new visitor centre to support sustainable tourism in Albania


    A new visitor centre that was opened last Sunday in Librazhd will support the development of sustainable tourism in the Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park. It will promote the protected area’s unique biodiversity and forest ecosystem wealth of the...

Last updated - Fri, 21 Oct 2016
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