The European Regional Office in Brussels represents IUCN at the EU level and works with the European Members to help deliver the Union’s goals.


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  • Forest. Schwoaze. Photo: Schwoaze/CC0

    How forests help cities manage water


    Forests and trees play a crucial role in managing urban flooding and protecting drinking water supplies. To maximise these benefits, nature-based solutions, such as street trees and forests, are essential for resilient cities and effective partnerships should...

  • Anastrangalia sanguinolenta. Least Concern. Frédéric Chevaillot Anastrangalia sanguinolenta, assessed as Least Concern. Photo: Frédéric Chevaillot

    Loss of old trees threatens survival of wood-dependent beetles – IUCN Red List


    Brussels, 5 March 2018 (IUCN) – Almost a fifth (18%) of European saproxylic beetles assessed so far are at risk of extinction due to ongoing decline in large veteran trees across Europe, a new IUCN report has found.

  • Walking, Lessinia, Italy. Gianni Crestani Photo: Gianni Crestani

    In a changing climate European forests are of great value for society and the economy


    On 27 February, EUSTAFOR (the European State Forest Association) hosted a seminar on forestry values, bringing together experts, policy makers and representatives of the forest sector for an exchange on how to strengthen innovation and attract investments in...

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