lady in nepal with milk can

The IUCN Forest Programme accomplishes much of its work through funded projects and partnerships


The Bonn Challenge barometer of progress (Bonn Challenge Barometer)

Forest and farm facility (FFF)

Global learning, finance, and partnerships project under The Restoration Initiative (TRI)

PA categories V and VI as landscape mechanisms for enhancing biodiversity in agricultural land, ecological connectivity and REDD+ implementation (Land Use Stabilization)

Sustainability and inclusion strategy for growth corridors in Africa (SUSTAIN)

Towards pro-poor REDD+ (Phase II): Promoting rights-based approaches to strengthen the conservation, governance and sustainable management of landscapes in Cameroon, Ghana, Guatemala, Papua Province of Indonesia and Uganda (Towards pro-poor REDD+)

Utilizing landscape scale forest ecosystem rehabilitation as a cost effective bridge for the integrated deployment of national land-based mitigation and adaptation strategies (BMU7)

Great lakes, Kigali

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