Social Policy

Our work

Our work on social policy issues aims to:

  • Improve the understanding of the linkages between biodiversity, ecosystem goods and services, human wellbeing, livelihoods and other socio-economic and cultural factors among IUCN Membership, IUCN staff as well as other practitioners, policy makers and the public.
  • Enhance the Union's capacity to apply sustainable and equitable approaches to natural resource management, based on principles of social equity  
  • Support institutional mechanisms that ensure effective, equitable and people-centred conservation and natural resource management approaches.

Work on issues above is found throughout IUCN’s Programmes – addressing them is integral to good conservation practice and long term outcomes - but on these pages we feature major themes addressed in IUCN’s work around social policy: governance, rights and indigenous peoples. We also have a central resource listing our social policies – to which all our projects and policy engagement adhere to.




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