This approach applies to data that are considered by the Panel to be important for the provision of management advice directly related to the conservation of western gray whales. Requests of a more academic or general scientific nature will be dealt with on a bilateral basis.

The Panel will establish a Data Group to oversee the process, comprising: the Chair of the Panel and two additional panel members, assisted by the IUCN Programme Officer.

Data owners (e.g. SEIC, others) who have agreed to participate in this process, in principle, shall produce, in consultation with the Data Group, a protocol (or protocols) for data access that applies to requests generated by the WGWAP, to ensure clarity and a mutual understanding of the process.

(1) During the meeting at which the recommendation for work is made, the WGWAP shall specify to the fullest extent possible:

  • (a) the objective(s) of the work
  • (b) proposed analytical techniques
  • (c) data required and data owners
  • (d) scientists to undertake the work (collaborative studies are encouraged)
  • (e) a proposed time line.

(2) Applications to the data owners following the published protocol referred to above should be submitted by the Data Group assisted by the scientists named in 1(d) above, and, where appropriate, the data owners.

(3) If the above process is followed, then the data owners will normally approve the applications within a specified time period in accordance with the published protocol.

(4) Applications shall only be granted under conditions given below.

(5) Whilst the conditions for data recipients remain as below, more flexibility under items (1) – (3) is granted to any Task Forces established. These should be determined by the Task Forces themselves when agreeing their Terms of Reference; additional collaborative analyses are also likely to occur during and between Task Force meetings – this is to be encouraged.

Conditions for data recipients
Accepted applications will be granted under the following conditions:

(1) data shall not be transmitted to third parties;

(2) papers may only be submitted to a WGWAP meeting or task force in accordance with the time restrictions given below - such papers must not include the raw data or a presentation of the data in more detail than is necessary to understand the analysis;

(3) papers must carry a restriction on citation except in the context of WGWAP meetings;

(4) data owners are offered co-authorship;

(5) publication rights remain strictly with the data owner;

(6) data shall be returned to the data owner immediately after the meeting at which the paper is submitted and any copies destroyed, unless an extension is granted;

(7) agreement forms signed by the data requesters and IUCN (who will sign the agreement on the WGWAP’s behalf) will be held by the data owner and IUCN.