6th Meeting of the Western Gray Whale Advisory Panel

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Primary documents
WGWAP-6/1 Provisional agenda (including time schedule) (English) Public
WGWAP-6/2 Provisional agenda (including time schedule) (Russian) Public
WGWAP-6/3 List of documents distributed in connection with the 6th meeting of the WGWAP Public
WGWAP-6/4 Table of previous recommendations and outstanding requests for data or information Public
WGWAP-6/5 Final report on 2008 IBM photo-ID programme Public
WGWAP-6/6 Report on Photo-ID Task Force Meeting,    19 – 20 April 2009, Geneva Public
WGWAP-6/7 Final report of Seismic Survey Task Force Meeting,    31 Jan – 2 Feb 2009, Vancouver Public
WGWAP-6/8 Progress report on satellite tagging No document
WGWAP-6/9 Progress report on outstanding oil spill-related issues Public
WGWAP-6/10 Progress report on Environmental Monitoring Task Force including plans for 2009 Sakhalin site visit No document
WGWAP-6/11 Update report on Russia-US team research in 2008 Confidential
WGWAP-6/12 Final report on 2008 benthic monitoring programme Public
WGWAP-6/13 Final report on 2008 western gray whale behaviour monitoring programme Public
WGWAP-6/14 Final report on 2008 western gray whale distribution monitoring programme Public
WGWAP-6/15 Final report on 2008 noise monitoring programme Public
WGWAP-6/16 Final report on 2008 MMO programme Public
WGWAP-6/17 Marine Mammal Protection Plan for 2009 season Public
WGWAP-6/18 Preliminary report on MVA of 2006 data Confidential
WGWAP-6/19 No paper  
WGWAP-6/20 Report of biennial WGWAP evaluation


WGWAP-6/21 Carcass Survey report 2008 Public
WGWAP-6/22 Seismic Survey EIA Public